Students from Mrs. Fetherolf and Mrs. Schein's class went to the Special Olympics last week. They had a fun filled day and came home with lots of medals. We are proud of their success!
Dr. Anzalone and Ohio University student, Autumn Haynes, visited Mrs. Barrell's third grade class at Chieftain Elementary. Miss Haynes talked to the class about our heart, lungs, and kidneys. The class discussed each organ's function and what we can do to keep our organs healthy. Nutrition, exercise, and rest were the primary ways to keep our bodies functioning as they should. To deter students from unhealthy habits, we were shown what lungs of a smoker look like, as well as how much sugar our b...
Chieftain recognized our student of the month for the months of February and March during last weeks PTO meeting. These students are role models and set a great example around our building. They show Cooperation, Honesty, Independence, Effort, Friendliness, and Safety on a daily basis. We are proud of them! March Student of the month from left to right: Back row: Brody Collinton, Kaden Crum, Melvin Anderson, Mason Cox, Kinley Mellinger, Kassidy Claud, Derek McGee Front row: Gavin Queen...
Chieftain Elementary held our annual Family literacy night on February 16. We want to thank all of our families who came out for a fun filled evening and all of our staff who worked to make this evening possible. Everyone rotated through six stations. One of the stations was local story teller, Adele Brown, who did a wonderful job weaving tales for our kids. Students were able to make a coaster with their picture on it and a make & take sight word Bingo game for their families to play at hom...
Mrs. Bush's third grade students performed an experiment to observe and draw conclusions about shield and cone volcanoes. Students made predictions and observed two different 'lava' samples and performed their experiments deducting what kind of lava comes from the two kinds of landforms based on the thickness of the liquid. Once finished, students had an opportunity to share and discuss their findings. Click to see more pictures.
Chieftain Elementary had many 100 day celebrations last week. Students made capes and shirts with 100 items attached. They counted, measured, weighed, and wrote about everything 100. They even did class challenges to see how many jumping jacks they could do in 100 seconds. We were excited to have 100 days of learning completed for this school year.
Fourth grade students have been working on government in their social studies class. They are learning the branches of government and what it takes to create a law. They elected a president and were in groups to signify the Supreme Court, Congress and the President's Cabinet. The students really enjoyed the activity.
Chieftain students show Cooperation, Honesty, Independence, Effort, Friendliness and Safety every day. We recognized a student of the month from each class who exemplified these traits, at our January PTO meeting. We are proud of our students and their accomplishments.
Chieftain students were excited to have Michelle Houts visit our school on Thursday, January 19. Michelle is an Ohio author who lives on a farm where she gets inspiration for many of her books. She has written many books and one of the featured books she talked about was, 'Grandma Gatewood Takes a Hike.' She met with each grade level and talked about the writing process and how many people are involved in getting a book published. Our students left inspired to become authors!
Chieftain Elementary recognized a student of the month from each class during the December PTO meeting. These students exemplify Cooperation, Honesty, Independence, Effort, Friendliness, and Safety on a daily basis. We are proud of them. PTO would like to say a big thank you to all the families and local businesses who donated and participated in our Annual Chinese Auction.
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