All Schools Closed
February 10, 2016 - Click for Details
Logan-Hocking Schools
All Logan Hocking Schools will be closed on Wednesday, February 10th due to the inclement winter weather.
Students of Green Elementary recently met a lofty behavior goal! Just before the end of the first grading period, students were challenged by our Staff Celebrations Team to earn 1,500 C.E.O. (Chief Example for Others) Certificates for a chance to give the principal a pie to the face. Certificates are awarded for the display of great leadership skills through out the day, meeting AR goals and for achievement at the end of a grading period. Within one grading period, students surpassed the goal an...
Students in Mrs. Nott's and Mrs. Ward's second grade classes recently completed another STEM project. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students were given a handful of supplies to build a free standing snowman. They worked in groups to see who could build the largest. Students were responsible for determining the design that would work best and for accurately measuring and comparing their snowmen. In addition, students in Mrs. Nott's Class celebrated the 100th day o...
Our school recently held the annual Dress Your Best Luncheon where students and staff are invited to dress up and enjoy a more sophisticated lunch experience with tablecloths, centerpieces, silverware, soft music and a special meal. The Student Lighthouse Team planned the luncheon and selected an elegant black and white theme and the Events Planning Team helped with preparations in the days leading up to the event. Following the meal, all students were treated to a special dessert provided by ou...
Logan-Hocking Middle School students are selling 32 oz Tumbler Cups as a fundraiser through Friday, February 19th. Money raised from this fundraiser will be used for various activities throughout the school year which includes assemblies, group/club activities, student awards/incentives, etc. The Tumblers are $16 each. You may click on the link below to look at the variety of cups that are available. There is also a Custom Cup that is being sold and the image of it is in the link as well. If you would like to purchase a Tumbler, please see a middle school student. Orders will be delivered to LHMS on Tuesday, March 15th. Money is not due until the Tumblers are delivered to you.
Union Furnace Elementary recognized their Student of the Month nominees this past Thursday, February 4. Congratulations to all of the students for their hard work on this accomplishment- we are truly proud of you! Front Row (left to right): Halle Spires, Lilly McKee, Carter Brown, Khali Sinift, Lilly Ansel, Isabella Jolly, Wyatt Gibson, Steven Ramey Middle row: Joey Cobel, Shawn Thompson, Sarah Bendele, Abby Householder, Tristan Frazier, Sawyer Tuttle, Dylan Carter, Ethan Myers, Judd Buck...
Click on the link below to read more about this savings. Local Taxpayer Savings
Students must be 3 years old by March 18, 2016, to be eligible to attend round-up. The Logan-Hocking School District will be holding preschool screenings on Friday, March 18, 2016, for any child interested in participating in preschool for the 2016-2017 school year. The screenings will be held at Chieftain Elementary School, 28296 Chieftain Drive, Logan, Ohio. Screening sessions will be held at 8:30am, 10:30am and 1:00pm.
Mackenzie Vickroy was chosen as an exhibitor for the 36th Annual Youth People's Art Exhibition by the Ohio Art Education Association. There are nine regions in Ohio represented which includes 125 student artworks from all over the state. She will be recognized at the Rhodes State Office Tower on Saturday, March 5th. Mackenzie's artwork will be on display from February 28th through March 26th. Mackenzie's picture is taken beside our mural that says Be The Change You Wish To See in the World because Mackenzie's leadership is creating positive change. Congratulations Mackenzie!
During the Hocking Hills Elementary February PTO meeting, students were honored as "Student of the Month" for the months of December and January.
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