Students in Mrs. Maggie Mace's preschool class had the opportunity to discuss how animals in nature will look for food in the winter. The class also took action to create feeders that were then placed on the playground to help provide a snack for hungry critters. Students wrote about and drew pictures of the animals they hope will come eat from their feeders and have been making observations to see how long their feeders will last. Preschool was so excited with their work!
Our school hosted our 5th annual Student for a Day event where parents had the opportunity to shadow their student for part of a day to see what leading and learning are like first hand at Green Elementary. Over 100 parents participated in the school visits which offered them the chance to experience daily curriculum, specials, lunch and recess. Our school greatly appreciates the support of our school community for this and all of our school events!
The Student Lighthouse Team of Green Elementary hosted a Veteran's Day ceremony. The students led the Pledge of Allegiance and shared facts about Veteran's Day, while Mrs. Travis played Taps on her trumpet. Several local veterans joined our school for the event and were thanked by our students and staff for their service to our country. Mrs. Swope and Mrs. Hill, Student Lighthouse Advisors, coordinated the efforts which included a miniature American flag for all students. A special thanks to ...
Students in Mrs. Nott's and Mrs. Ward's second grade classes celebrated a "book birthday party" for the release of the new children's book, Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey. The story is about a pony who wants desperately to be a unicorn, however, after having the chance to be one she learns that being herself is what is most important. Students wore unicorn crowns and participated in numerous reading, writing and math activities connected to the story throughout the day. It was a magical expe...
The PTO of Green Elementary surprised students by purchasing Green School Rocks t-shirts for all of our students! The shirts will be worn by students and staff to share school spirit at various events and activities throughout the year.
Students in kindergarten and first grade had a great time visiting Alley Park and Walker's Pumpkin Patch to learn more about natural habitats, plant growth cycles and Ohio wildlife. Each student was able to being home a pumpkin thanks to our generous PTO!
Green Elementary hosted their annual fall Family Night. The event was an All Star Family night with a sports theme and included various activities for families to complete together including crafts, games and a chance to shoot some hoops with players from the OU Bobcats basketball team. Over 300 people joined us for the evening and great time was had by all who participated!
Preschool students enjoyed a visit from Miss Laura from Rural Action who shared with students all about worms and their role in the environment. The students enjoyed their chance to interact with live worms during the visit!
Students at Green had the fun opportunity to create a useful piece of public art by decorating snow plows that will be used to clear local roads this winter. Under the direction of Julie Woodburn, Art Instructor, students created two designs that included additions from each class in the building. Our school can’t wait to see “our” plows on the roads this winter!
Green Elementary recently celebrated National Walk to School Day by having the entire school walk the track together. While we currently do not have the infrastructure for students to walk to our campus, students were made aware that walking is a great way to get places whenever possible. Our school enjoyed sunshine and a sense of community during our morning walk!
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