School Emergency Notifications
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When there is an unexpected school closure, delay, early release, or other emergency; local radio and TV stations will be notified to make the announcement. The district also attempts to let parents & guardians know by our automated calling system, text message alerts, facebook and twitter feeds and by posting on our district website.

The automated phone calling system will call the student's household phone number and any cell phones listed for legal guardians of the student. If you wish to change or update phone numbers listed or called by this system, please contact the district's Technology Office at 740-385-9329 between 7am and 3pm.

We believe the best way to receive school emergency information is to sign up for Emergency Text Alerts. Twitter text messages go out faster, and are more convenient to receive. No waiting on a long winded voice announcement. You do not need a Twitter account to receive emergency text alerts, just a cell phone with a text message plan. To signup, send a text message to the number 40404 with the message: follow lh_emergency
If successful, you will receive a confirmation text and the last message sent. If you receive a message "follow command is no longer supported" you will need to contact your cell phone carrier and request to enable short code messaging for your account.

Here are our other Twitter text alerts.

Details and FAQs about the Automated Calling System
Our system will call parents/guardians and staff in the event of a school closure, delay, early release due to inclement weather or other school emergency. The system can call up to three phone numbers per family.

The student numbers that will be called are the phone numbers in the Student Information System that are designated by the category, “student lives with”. Students with siblings in school will receive only one set of calls per family. Should families wish to change or update their phone numbers, please call the district's Technology Office at 740-385-9329.

The automated calling system will begin calling families no earlier than 5:00am for days when school is closed or on a 2-hour delay. For other emergency notifications, the system immediately, and usually can complete all calls within 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why do you have to start the calls so early?
A: The first student bus pickup is at 5:40am, and it takes about 30 minutes to complete the call job. To make sure everyone gets the announcement, we need to start the call job early.

Q: My child is in elementary school and doesn't get picked up until much later. Can't you have two call jobs, one for middle & high school, then one for elementary schools?
A: Sorry, but this would make for even more calls (up to six per house) to homes with students at both levels. Also, many parents may need to make child care arrangements prior to heading off to work in the morning.

Q: Why are you calling both the home phone AND parent cell phones? This makes 3 calls at our house in the morning with the same message.
A: We must use the same calling list to make emergency announcements that happen during the day. This includes early dismissals, electrical power outages, etc. If we only have home phone numbers on the list and no one is at home for a call during the school day, then the message won't get through.

Q: I still don't want three calls in the morning. Can't you just call one cell phone for all announcements and remove the other numbers from the list?
A: Yes. Contact the district's Technology Department with this request by calling 385-9329.

Q: I would prefer a text message to my cell for these kinds of announcements. Can you stop calling all my phone numbers and send me a text instead?
A: Yes. Contact the Tech Dept to remove phone numbers from the calling list, then signup for Text Message Alerts from Twitter by using the link above.

Q: Where can I find more information about the district weather plans?
A: These plans are available at the following link, and include limited bus routes, delay starting times, and early release times.
District Inclement Weather Plans

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