LHSD Climate Transformation Grant
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Dear Parents/Guardians,
The Logan-Hocking School District is committed to student success and school improvement. We have partnered with Ohio University and The Ohio State University to help guide and evaluate our efforts to support our students and improve our overall student climate. The information will also be used for School Climate Transformation Grant activities. The federally awarded School Climate Transformation Grant will allow us to bring more opportunities to our students and school district including student clubs, student leadership activities, staff professional development, and guest presentations such as one delivered by Katie Smith.
The District will administer the Community and Youth Collaborative Institute (CAYCI) survey to students in grades 3 through 12, parents and caregivers, staff, and community members. Students may be asked to report on their experiences participating in after-school programs. We will also use reported information such as overall district attendance, graduation rates, and test scores.
The information gained by students who participate in evaluation activities will help us determine if we are meeting our district goals. However, student participation is completely voluntary. Your child can choose not to participate in any evaluation activity at any time. There is no penalty if your child does not participate in evaluation activities, and your child may still participate in other activities being offered through this grant. Please discuss this with your child. If your child does participate in evaluation activities, no identifying information will be obtained and no information your child provides will be tracked back to him/her. If your child does participate in evaluation activities, he/she can stop participating at any time.
If you approve of your child’s participation in evaluation activities for the remainder of the school year, you do not need to take any action. If you or your child refuse permission for his/her participation, please notify Christine Woodgeard, LHSD Project Director for the School Climate Transformation Grant, at (740) 385-2069 ext. 11084 or by email at cwoodgeard@lhsd.k12.oh.us by Friday, October 23, 2020.

Monte Bainter, Superintendent
Logan-Hocking School District

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