Silcott Receives LEA's Citizen for Education Honor
Logan High School
Submitted by: Craig Abram/Dani Bell

Community partnerships play a pivotal role in the success of our students. One key individual positively impacting our students is Mr. Gary Silcott, of Stantec Engineering. During the school year, he was awarded a Citizen for Education plaque, by the Logan Education Association, but was unable to attend the event. During the last week of school, LHS Instructor, Mr. Craig Abram, invited him to stop by his Principles of Engineering class, to accept the award, and thank him for all he has given to the students.

Below is the speech Mr. Abram read for him:

“In the summer of 2016, our school was contacted by Mr. Gary Silcott to begin an engineering outreach. I stopped by his office at Stantec Engineering during summer break. Within a few minutes, I realized we had not found a great resource to help our prospective engineers -that resource had found us. Soon after school started, Gary took the time to speak with our classes. Again, I use the term “with” because he quickly took the role as mentor and, at times, team member.

Through the years, Gary has assumed the role as project manager and professional contact for several engineering teams interested in exploring Civil Engineering. Gary provides real world experiences for these teams including presenting to city council, developers, and investors. Those students carry experiences to college that are invaluable, as an incredible advantage over their peers. For that, we cannot thank Gary enough. His time, expertise, and passion are freely given to the students of Logan High School. For that, we are most privileged. Thank you, Gary Silcott, with the success of every student you help.”

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