School District Tax Rates Reduced
Office of the Treasurer
Submitted by: Paul Shaw/Dani Bell

For the third consecutive calendar year, local real estate taxpayers will see a reduction in tax rates associated with the Logan-Hocking Local School District. The full voted tax rate for the School District has been reduced from 33.5 mills (2018 collection year) to 33.2 mills (2019 collection year). A homeowner whose residence has a $100,000 assessed value will see school district related taxes decrease by over $9.

School District Treasurer Paul Shaw notes that a $9 decrease is not large, but it IS a decrease. More importantly, he noted this is the third consecutive year where tax rates assessed on behalf of the School District have been reduced by the Hocking County Budget Commission. The 2017 collection reflected a .6 mill reduction and the 2018 collection reflected a .2 mill reduction. “Taxpayers have seen the overall related tax rate for the school district go down from 34.3 mills for tax year 2016 to 33.2 mills for 2018, a reduction of 1.1 mills. This equals about $34 a year tax savings a year on a $100,000 home,” stated Shaw.

Shaw credits the tax rate reductions to continued taxpayer support through timely payments, growth in the school district’s tax base, a strong credit rating, and past refinancing of the school district’s bonded indebtedness.
Additionally, Shaw noted that the last operating tax levy for the school district was sought and approved by local taxpayers in November of 1981, over 37 years ago. Voters approved a bond issue to build new schools in the school district in 2001 (62% voting for the issue).

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PF Shaw
February 7, 2019
740.385.8510 extension 2725
School District Tax Rates Reduced 2.5.19


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