The Dentist is Coming to School!
Submitted by: Kathy Kennard/Dani Bell

The Dentist is Coming to School!

The Ohio Dental Outreach Program recognizes the importance of providing services to keep children’s teeth healthy. Over the next couple months, state licensed dentists will be visiting each school in the LHSD, to provide services to those students in need of dental care. They offer all services including: routine cleanings, x-rays and fillings, if needed.

Those interested in the program are required to have a completed permission form, which must be returned to the nurse’s office, by the designated deadline. Each school in the district has a different deadline, based on the scheduled day for the dentist to visit. Please contact your child's school if you do not know the deadline.

Your child may have already received a form from his or her teacher and brought it home. Each school has available copies of the form, as well. If you prefer to register online, simply complete the form at to allow your child to be seen by the in-school dentist.

On the day of the visit, the dental team sets up an in-school “dental office for the day” and provides the necessary dental care. Every child seen will receive a dental “report card” to take home and a free toothbrush.

Questions should be directed to the outreach program by calling 1-855-481-8639 or by contacting the nurse’s office at your child’s school.

Dentist Visit Registration Deadlines & Dates (will be updated, as dates are confirmed)
Logan High School - Deadline is Sept. 28; Dental Visit Day is October 8.

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