Creativity Speaks
Logan-Hocking Middle
Submitted by: Heather Hacker

Creativity Speaks is an art exhibition showcasing the artwork from the students in my Adapted Art class. This class is a semester long class where seventh and eighth grade students with special abilities learn different aspects of art. They learn how to use different mediums and explore the art-making process.

Because I have this class the second semester of the year, I wanted to incorporate their artwork into their own show. The students work hard to create their masterpieces and I like to have the opportunity to showcase their work.

There will be a variety of artwork in this show because each child works with a media in their own way. Some students do better with different types of media. This year, we have worked with chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolor paint, tempera paint, clay, paper collage and various other forms. I have kept all of their work to be able to choose one of their very best pieces of artwork to be placed in this show.

The show will be held at Maya Burrito, 12 East Main Street in Logan, from May 17- September 16, 2018. A special thank you to Maya Burrito and the Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center for allowing this show to take place.

Front Row (Left to Right):

Aaron Rumer, Ethan Wintermute, Alexia Wemer, Chelsey White, David Dillingham, Justin Gentzel

Back Row (Left to Right):

Wyatt Nelson, Joshua Scaggs, Miracle Davis, Corey Lester, Christian Ruggles, Casey Carnegie

Not Pictured:

Dakota Stumbo, Gracie Anderson, Joshua Grinstead

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