Choraliers OSBA Press Release
Logan-Hocking Middle
Submitted by: Zane Murrey

The Ohio School Boards Associationís Student Achievement Fair is an exhibition of student talent held at the annual OSBA conference in Columbus. In early May The Logan-Hocking Middle School Choraliers were nominated by LHSD superintendent Mr. Monte Bainter to represent the Southeast region. A nomination video was filmed in-concert at LHMS later that month and submitted to the committee making the talent selections. Mid-summer, we received confirmation that we had been awarded the nomination; thus we began preparations for the conference during our annual summer dance camp in late July. On showcase at the conference will be a combination of former, returning, and newly inducted Choraliers performing a variety of both pop and holiday repertoire. The planned set list is as follows:

2016-2017 Choraliers
You Make Me Feel Like Danciní (Arr Paul Langford, Choreo. Murrey)
You Make My Dreams Come True (Arr. Mark Brymer, Choreo. Murrey)
Massed Choraliers
September (Arr. Mark Brymer, Choreo. Libben/Murrey)
Sleigh Ride (Arr. Mark Brymer, Choreo. Libben/Murrey)
2017-2018 Choraliers
What Will Santa Claus Say? (Arr. Larry Shackley, Choreo. Murrey)
Kay Thompsonís Jingle Bells (Arr. Mark Hayes, Choreo. Murrey)

The LHMS Choraliers are under the direction of Mrs. Susan Kendig and Mr. Zane Murrey with choreography and dance instruction by the latter. Mrs. Kendig and Mr. Murrey would like to thank the LHSD and LHMS administrations for their ongoing support of the LHMS Vocal Music Dept.

Involved Student Personnel:
Abrei Ellinger (8th)
Addison Decot (9th)
Alivia Magdich (8th, Dance Captain)
Andrew Miller (9th)
Anna Mulrooney (9th)
Aydan Moder (7th)
Baileigh Zimmerman (9th)
Bryce Alford (9th)
Brynn Parks (8th)
Chase Meyer (7th)
Clay James (8th, Student Manager)
Colton Davis (9th)
Derek Gentzel (7th)
Devin Dawson (8th)
Eli Stallsmith (9th)
Elizabeth Long (7th)
Ella Guthrie (8th)
Emilee Kessler (8th)
Faith Anderson (9th)
Haley Collins (9th)
Hudson Witryk (9th)
Isabel Nutter (7th)
Isabella Capuzzi (7th)
Kaden Reed (8th)
Katie Maccabee (9th)
Keely Fickel (9th)
Kendyl Glenn (7th)
Kody Crum (8th, Dance Captain)
Lang McKnight (8th)
Lauren Begley (8th)
Madelyn Johnson (9th)
Madison Leach (9th)
Makayla Vermillion (8th)
Orion Carter (9th)
Samuel Huntsburger (9th)
Sophia Allen (7th)
Tavi Smith (8th)
Tommy Baron (7th)
Trey Frazier (7th)
Tyler Compton (8th)
Wyatt Huffines (8th)
Zachary Ratcliff (8th)

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