3rd grade Scientific Inquiry
Chieftain Elementary
Submitted by: Mrs. Heath

Dr. Anzalone and Ohio University student, Autumn Haynes, visited Mrs. Barrell's third grade class at Chieftain Elementary. Miss Haynes talked to the class about our heart, lungs, and kidneys. The class discussed each organ's function and what we can do to keep our organs healthy. Nutrition, exercise, and rest were the primary ways to keep our bodies functioning as they should. To deter students from unhealthy habits, we were shown what lungs of a smoker look like, as well as how much sugar our body would take in, and the amount of fat that would be produced, if we drank 2 pops a day for a month. Students were surprised to find there is more sugar in a serving of fruit punch than there is in a can of pop. Don't let the "fruit" in the name deceive you. As a grand finale, students were given gloves so they could touch the healthy lungs, heart, trachea, and kidneys from a recently butchered cow!

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