LHS Makes Its Mark on OCC League with Choir Event
Submitted by: John McClain

On Wednesday, November 9, Logan High School made its mark on the Ohio Capital Conference league through its annual Honor Choir, held at Capital University under the direction of Dr. Lynda Hasseler. Eight students were chosen to represent our school in this event designed to showcase choir students from OCC schools and provide them with a challenging, rigorous, and rewarding one-day experience, ending with an evening concert on the university stage. The students were Vicky Bowshier, Kendyl Glenn, Alayna Blanchard, Peyton Wallace, Aydan Moder, Coleman Leach, Tommy Baron, and Zach Aldridge.

While the "win" of this event was to be invited/selected, our students, Mr. McClain, and Miss Weber, diligently prepared every piece of music, outside of regular class time, prior to even arriving at the event, and they represented Logan High School with pride, preparedness, and excellence. "The students were confident, kind, and brave, as they boldly stepped up to the challenge of high-level music-making in a 14-hour day. They shared the stage with the best of the best in the central Ohio area, students and directors alike" - Mr. McClain

Junior, Peyton Wallace, was one of two singers selected from the 125-member choir to be featured as a soloist at the concert. Mr. McClain represented, as well, leading all the tenor and bass singers in sectional rehearsals. He also was afforded professional development experience through this experience, being able to learn from and collaborate with Capital University music faculty and all the other OCC choir directors in a roundtable format.

"In addition to the reward, rigor, and mastery of the music the students were able to perform, Dr. Hasseler intentionally chose music for the students that left everyone inspired. The concert was titled I Will Sing, encouraging all of the OCC high school students to boldly emerge from the pandemic and relentlessly chase after singing, creating music, and using the amazing gifts with which they were blessed." - Mr. John McClain

"It is always a joy to welcome Logan High School choir students and their director, John McClain to Capital University choral events, and November 9, was no exception. The eight singers who were selected to participate in the 2022 OCC Honor Choir Festival distinguished themselves in every possible way, including their thorough preparation, attentiveness, enthusiasm, rehearsals discipline and beautiful singing. One of the singers, Peyton Wallace, was also featured as a soloist on the concert. Not only are Logan High School Choir singers musical standouts, they wear their Logan purple with pride, representing their school in all of the best possible ways." - Dr. Lynda Hasseler, Director of Choral Activities, Capital University

Attachment descriptions:
OCC representing the purple and white:
from L-R: Aydan Moder, Coleman Leach, Tommy Baron, Zach Aldridge, Mr. John McClain, Vicky Bowshier, Kendyl Glenn. Floor: Alayna Blanchard, Peyton Wallace

Post concert with clinician, Dr. Hasseler:
From L-R: Row 1, Vicky Bowshier, Alayna Blanchard, Dr. Lynda Hasseler, Peyton Wallace, Coleman Leach. Row 2, Miss Gretchen Weber, Aydan Moder, Zach Aldridge, Kendyl Glenn, Tommy Baron, and Mr. John McClain

OCC Group Photo in rehearsal:
The combined HS honor choir selected from over 30 different schools in the OCC

OCC Rehearsal video:
Students had the opportunity to sing high-level and inspiring music with some of the best singers and directors in the state. This piece featured pipe organ accompaniment.

OCC Warm-up:
Students started the day by having a little fun warming up with Backstreet Boys.

Click here to view OCC Rehearsal.

Click here to view OCC Warm Up.

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