LHSD Welcomes New Staff
Submitted by: Rebecca Hubert

The Logan Hocking Schools is excited to welcome new 16 teaching and administrative staff to the Chieftain Nation! With their varied expertise and educational backgrounds, they will be able to enhance the learning experiences of the students they serve across the district. The new certified staff for 2022-23 are:

L to R
Row 1: Kimberly Barlow (LHS Consumer Science), Brian Brison (LHS Math, Senior Seminar), Sam Carr (LHMS Intervention), Clarissa Bates (LHS Assistant Band Director)

Row 2: Tanya Jones (Central Intervention), Natalie Despetorich (Green 2nd Grade), Kaitlynn Cook (LHMS English Teaching Fellow), Victoria Glenaman (Hocking Hills Preschool), Katherine Bainbridge (Central Intervention)

Row 3: Harris Stuffel (Central 4th Grade), Kennedy Bishop (Green 3rd Grade), David Dillion (LHS Aerospace, AFROTC), Jordan Brandeberry (LHMS Intervention), Brooke Dickerson (LHMS Intervention)

No pictured: Zachary Springs (LHS Assistant Principal), Lesley Matson (LHS PE/Assistant Athletic Director), Pam Price (LHS Band Director)