Stopfinder - Transportation Schedules
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The Logan-Hocking School District will be adopting the stopfinder app to share students' bussing schedules. Stopfinder is the parent app that allows your school district to share students' transportation schedules, announcements, and more. Stopfinder works with your district's transportation software to provide you with the most accurate schedule information as quickly as possible.

Stopfinder is available anytime to view your student's bussing schedule from your mobile device. You will be able to share student bussing schedules with caregivers and family members and view announcements and notifications in the stopfinder message center.

Stopfinder is secure and only for registered users. An email to activate your Stopfinder account will be sent to the email address the school district has on file in the coming days.

For questions about stopfinder you can visit or contact the District Transportation office at: 740.385.7844 or email: