LHMS Reality Day
Logan-Hocking Middle
Submitted by: Mrs. Ballenger and Mr. Wolfe

The 7th grade students at LHMS got a dose of “reality” on Wednesday, April 13th, when they participated in several activities that gave them some insight on what it is like to be an adult in the real world. The students picked a career to have for the day, but it was solely based on their GPA from the third nine weeks. The career they chose had an appropriate monthly salary attached to it. Using that salary, the students had to walk around the gymnasium and find out how much each of their bills were.
In the gymnasium, tables were set up around the perimeter and volunteers from around Logan came in to help. Some of the bills that they had to get balances for included: Utilities, Car, Childcare, Groceries, Taxes, etc.. Mr. Bainter, Mrs. Bosch and Mrs. Barrell came to the event to see the students in action. Both Mr. Grow and Mr. Bainter presented chosen students with a “scholarship.” These students were hand-picked by some of the teachers. If you were a scholarship winner, you could present your letter at the Bank table and then you were exempt from paying student loans.
When the students were done in the gymnasium, they went back to the classrooms to work on more activities. They were given a checkbook and a register. For each bill they needed to pay, they had to write a corresponding check and record it in their register to make sure they balanced their money correctly. Later in the day, students filled out a resume’ and went to a job interview of their choosing. Two students were hired from each of the job interviews. Some of the fields that provided interviews included: Building/Fixing, Law Enforcement, Technology, Music/Art, Nature, Medical, School, etc.
It was a fantastic day and the students seemed to have a great time. The pictures attached show the scholarship winners and students hired at their job interviews.

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