Halloween Bash
Digital Academy
Submitted by: T. Shonborn

Staff and students in the Chieftain Academy (grades 4-8) had a great time Oct 28, 2021 during their Halloween Bash! They were visited by a gremlin (Joey Gibson), a mad scientist (Colton Dingus), a Queen of Hearts (McKenna Detty), a Marshmallow (Kadyn Cook) and various other characters from their favorite shows. Mrs. Jacky Jones dressed up in a purple wig.
Students participated in two crafts, pumpkin making and a skeleton hand. Along with the crafts, students watched a Scooby Doo cartoon while eating a snack and drinking juice.
Before students left, the staff stood in different areas of the classroom and students walked through as if they were trick or treating. When asked if they had a good time, students responded with, “yeah!”.
This year the Chieftain Academy for grades 4-8 attend class in the Logan Theater uptown. The second floor has been designated as the Chieftain Academy classroom. Mrs. Tina Shonborn is the 4th, 5th and 8th grade teacher, while Mrs. Jacky Jones teaches the 7th and 8th grades. Mrs. Christy Jones is the CA intervention specialist, working with students in grades 4-8.