Message to Families
Hocking Hills Elem.
Submitted by: Mr. Dille

November 19, 2020

Dear Hocking Hills families,

I am sending this correspondence home just to clarify how we plan to continue to educate children during our brief remote learning venture. As you are likely aware, we will shift to remote learning on Monday, November 23, 2020 and continue remote lessons until the end of day on December 4, 2020. We will resume face to face and in building learning on December 7, 2020. Just like a normal school day, we have expectations that students connect with their teacher and attempt the lessons that have been designed for their learning. The teachers have worked very hard to prepare for this time. They will be available daily during teaching times live in Google classroom by video. Teachers will also have times in the afternoon for students and parents to connect with them for any assistance that is needed with that day’s or any previous lessons. Many teachers have prepared binders or folders with supplemental resources for learning. These will be utilized daily during live lessons. Each grade level will also send home their daily remote schedule. This will assist with students following lessons and maintaining their attendance. Please be aware that students who do not join the live teaching lessons and do not complete learning tasks, will be counted as absent from school. We do wish for all students to make progress in learning and maintain good standing with their attendance. If your child is ill and unable to participate please call the school and let us know so that we mark the appropriate attendance code just like a normal school day.

Most of you are connected, but I want to emphasize the importance of joining your child’s classroom on BLOOMZ. Teachers will be communicating through BLOOMZ this whole school year whether we are remote or in person learning. We will still use additional electronic resources that we have available yearly. We use these during normal instruction time to supplement learning and provide practice in digital learning. They are: Lexia, STAR Reading, STAR Math, MobyMax, Prodigy, EPIC, ZEARN, and Reading A-Z. Students have used these in the past except for Reading A-Z.
Please contact us if you have any difficulties with connection or learning.We are all thankful here that the remote learning time appears to be a shorter duration than we previously anticipated. I am sure this is comforting to you as well. We hope to have your child back with us in person at school as soon as possible.

Here are some general expectations for remote learning that may help students as they prepare for lessons:

Be on time
When attending a live class it is important that you login on time to hear the teacher’s directions from the start.

Be prepared
Have your learning materials on hand ready to go when you log on.

Be polite
Remember to mute your microphone when you log on, listen to your teacher and take turns talking by raising your hand or using the icon.

Be ready to learn
Make sure you are ready to work in a quiet environment without distractions.

Be honest
Make sure the work you turn in is your own work so we really know what you are learning. Ask questions of your teacher if you don’t understand something.

Be responsible
Take care of your chromebook, don’t eat or drink near it. Complete your assignments and turn your work in on time.

Thank you for continuing to work with us to provide the best education possible for all Hocking Hills Elementary students.


Kenneth D. Dille
Principal, Hocking Hills Elementary