Brighten Your Future Awards $89,524 in 2020-21 Grants
Brighten Your Future
Submitted by: Nan Swinehart

Trustees of Brighten Your Future (BYF) met on July 18, 2020 to
consider recommendations from the Grant Review Committee. The
Grant Review Committee consisting of Jim Roush, Abigail Saving, Joe
Risch, Larry Gerstner and Nanette Swinehart recommended the
approval of 31 grants for Logan High Schools graduates.
The BYF Board of Trustees voted to approve 25 full grants of
$3,100 each and six partial grants. The thirty-one grants totaled
$89,524. Both the total amount given in grants and the individual
amount given to the recipients are record high amounts.
Since 1989 when BYF gave the first grants, over $1,700,000 has
been awarded to graduates of Logan High School who want to further
their education and who need financial assistance. Over 600 individual
students have benefited from BYF grants during these years. Recipients
may use their grants at any accredited college, university or other
career-training program and may be eligible for grants each year for up
to five years of undergraduate schooling.
Grants to students are based on need, which is determined from
documents they provide as part of their application process. “Need” is
strictly a numerical calculation using this information. Each year,
trustees establish a maximum amount for each grant based on the
amount of interest that has been generated from the assets of the
organization. Nan Swinehart, Executive Director, emphasized that given
the continuing increase in higher education costs, trustees are aware of
the need for the assets of the foundation to continue to grow.
Brighten Your Future is a non-profit and tax exempt organization,
that welcomes contributions from individuals and groups who wish to
be part of its mission of providing needed financial assistance to LHS
graduates who want to continue their education. Contributions to BYF
may be made by sending them to: Brighten Your Future, P.O. Box 991,
Logan, OH 43138 or through PayPal on their website at