Central Elementary
Submitted by: Mrs. Van Horn

Central Elementary wants to recognize the Student of the Month nominees for
October and November. These students are role models at Central Elementary, they represent responsible citizens. These students follow and lead the RESPECT model we follow in our school. Responsible, Educated, Safe, Proud, Encouraging, Considerate, Tolerant
Johnny Grant, Torren Hall, Danielle Bartow, Brissa Lowe, Hartlynn Shaffer,
Lydia Tamkin, Molly Saving, Noah Benedict, Thomas Anderson, Josie Mosack,
Evie Laskowski, AddeLynn Diller, Koen Clarke, Reagan Laird, Liam Donaldson,
Aaron Coleman, Mario North, Bentley Thomas, Breyona Burchfield, Hudson
Edwards, Kylie Harper, Kimberly Standiford, Morgan Burchfield, Emily
Richards, Emmeline Brown, Lydia Stimmel, Hayden Beatty, Jaxon Coakley,
Anna Richards, Karlee Enright, Andrew Dillingham, Isabella Lavely, Dakota
West, Sophia Taylor, Samantha Chaffin, Alex Huffines, Autumn Sorrell, Ava
Daubenmire, Ian McDaniels, Amelia Keyes-Kennedy, Cailyn Coffill, Madison