Feather Wings Mural Inspires Students
Chieftain Elementary
Submitted by: Dani Bell
Stella Fagen

Another end of the year favorite project story...

On Mother’s Day, Chieftain Elementary’s All School Project became the talk of the town, with adorable photos hitting social media!

According to Chieftain and Central Elementary’s Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) teacher, Angela Pippin, she switches up the lessons from reading to visual learning, and for this assignment the students read "A Crow's Tale”, which is a story of bravery and kindness, showing it's what's inside that makes you beautiful, not how you look on the outside. The story also teaches students to believe in themselves and never give up.

“All students colored paper feathers, relating their feelings to colors and they made large wings to place them on. The result was beautiful,” Pippin stated. The students each had the opportunity to stand in front of the big wings for a stunning photo. Pippin then ordered a picture for each student to take home as a surprise Mother's Day gift. From there, Facebook was flooded with praises about this school activity!

“The kids were so excited to see the finished product that they did together. We have done a lot of all school things like this, but this one takes the cake. I have cried happy tears reading the posts and teachers have read me what they have seen on Facebook. So sweet. The students told me today that some of their Moms cried when they gave them the picture. My heart is full, that’s for sure,” Pippin added.

Thank you, Angela Pippin, for sharing your talent & creativity with the students!

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