Food Sharing Table at LHS
Logan High School
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Good Food Is Not Trash! Logan High School now has a Food Sharing Table to help reduce food waste!

What is a Food Sharing Table?
The Food Sharing Table is a designated space where students can place unopened food and drinks that they choose not to eat or drink during school meals, providing an opportunity for other students to take additional helpings of food that would otherwise be thrown away.

How Does the Food Sharing Table Work?
It’s simple! All students must take unopened unwanted food and drink to the Food Sharing Table immediately after leaving the serving line or when they are finished eating. If a student is still hungry after finishing their meal, they may pick-up items from the Food Sharing Table at no additional cost to them.

No hot foods or items from home can be placed on the food sharing table. Packaged food and drinks or items with a peel only. All cold packaged items such as milk, juice, yogurt and cheese sticks go in the cooler.

Why is the Food Sharing Table Important?
Nationally, about 40% of edible food is wasted, while at the same time 41 Million Americans are hungry or food insecure including 13 Million children. Having a food share table helps to provide food to those who need it, reduces food waste and prevents good food from going to the landfill. When food ends up in landfills it causes harm to the environment by producing methane
gas. Many scientists believe if we place too many of these gases in our environment it can potentially cause the temperature on earth to rise to abnormal levels.

To learn more about food waste and its impact on the environment please visit:
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