Be a C.E.O (Chief Example for Others)
Green Elementary
Submitted by: Rebecca Osburn

The students at Green receive recognition from staff by receiving C.E.O. Certificates which identifies them as a Chief Example for Others. Students can be recognized for leading (being kind, helping around the building, taking initiative, doing the right thing, etc) or achieving (meeting AR goals, leveling up on Lexia, improving in a subject, demonstrating mastery, etc). When a student earns a “purple ticket” they come to the office to sign our CEO board to show they have been recognized for greatness. This board is changed each grading period and the students and staff enjoy watching how long it takes to fill up each 9 weeks.

We also started something new during the second semester. We developed a special golden CEO certificate that students could give out to peers and staff to recognize what they see as demonstrating leadership or achievement. The yellow tickets are equally important and students enjoy receiving tickets from each other as well as the staff.