Board of Education - June Meeting
Administration Office
Submitted by: Monte Garrabrant
Report of the Board of Education
June 21, 2004

Logan-Hocking Local School District

The Logan-Hocking Board of Education held its regular session on Monday, June 21, 2004 with Susan Rinehart, Board President presiding. Members present were Ed Penrod, Vice President, Board Members, Cathye Flory, Larry Hoffmann and Kathy Krumlauf. Paul Shaw, Treasurer, Stephen Stirn, Superintendent, Tom Vogrin, Assistant Superintendent and Christy Bosch, Director of Instruction represented the Board Office. The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM.

Items on the agenda included:

Recognition of retirees from the Logan-Hocking Local School District
were as follows:

• Janice Gault – Logan-Hocking Middle School – Grade 7 – Science – 24 years – Brass Apple Awarded
• Carolyn Henderson – Logan-Hocking Middle School – Head Cook – 31 years – Brass Apple Awarded
• Kathleen Hosler- Logan-Hocking Middle School – CBIP – 31 years – Brass Apple Awarded
• Faye Leffler – Logan High School – Assistant Cook – 25 years – Brass Apple / Blanket Awarded
• Dorothy Osborn – Logan High School – Assistant Cook – 30 years – Brass Apple / Clock Awarded
• Sylvia Rardain – South Bloomingville – Custodian – 25 years – Brass Apple / Blanket Awarded
• Norma Walston – Logan-Hocking Middle School – Assistant Cook – 20 years – Brass Apple / Jacket Awarded
• Mary Lou Whitcraft – Logan High School – Aide – 30 years – Brass Apple / Clock Awarded
• Margie Wilson – Bus Driver – 25 years – Brass Apple / Blanket awarded
• Margaret Mosure – Logan-Hocking Middle School – Grade 6 – 36 years – Rocker Awarded

Unable to attend but recognized:

• Jim Farmer – Bus Driver with 21 years – Brass Apple/Jacket Awarded
• Nina Haning – 30 years – Aide – Brass Apple / Clock Awarded

Other Action:

• Steven Saines and a committee of four presented information to the Board of Education on a proposed plan for a bike trail for Hocking County. A partnership between the Hocking Trailways Association and a Board representative to attend meetings is hoped for. No action was taken.
• Discussion on TV-2 and its connection as a form of communication for broadcasting Board Meetings to the public was discussed. Further discussion and research requested. Tabled until next meeting. No action taken.
• Ohio School Facilities Update was discussed. A news release for the Logan-Daily was presented. Architectural bids were taken on June 21 with 8 out of 10 firms offering bids. Meeting to review bids will be June 28, 2004 at 9:00AM at the Spring Street Office. The Board will select one of the final two (2) architects recommended by the Review Committee during the regular Board Meeting in July.

New Business:

Consent Agenda #1 – (Susan Rinehart) Motion by Flory and seconded by Krumlauf – Vote
5-0- Motion Passed
• OSBA Capital Conference Delegate and Alternate
• Sale of Former South Bloomingville Elementary School to Benton Township Trustees
• Sale of property on State Route 664 South

Consent Agenda #2 – (Paul Shaw) – Motion by Krumlauf and seconded by Penrod – Vote 5-0 – Motion Passed
• Amended Certificate of Available Resources
• Appropriations Modifications
• Temporary Appropriations
• Student Accident Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Advances/ Return of Advances / Transfer of Funds
• Preschool Grant Fund Establishment

Consent Agenda #3 – (Christy Bosch) – Motion by Penrod and seconded by Hoffmann – Vote
5-0- Motion Passed
• Gifted Identification and Services Handbook
• Consolidated Local Plan
• Out-of-State Professional Development
• Obsolete Textbooks
• COAD Child Care Resource Network for Bridge Assistance 2004-2005
• Textbook Adoption

Consent Agenda #4 – (Steve Stirn) – Motion by Flory and seconded by Krumlauf – Vote 5-0- Motion Passed
• Physical Therapy / Sensory Integration Services
• Use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at Extra-Curricular Events
• SEO-SERRC Contract, Supervisory, TAG, Early Childhood Services
• Logan-Hocking Chamber of Commerce Membership
• Ohio High School Athletic Association Membership
• LPDC Committee Meeting Dates 2004-2005
• Employment of Hocking Hills Elementary Principal
• Lice Program
• Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools Membership
• School Meal Increase
• Approve Lease with Rokeith Enterprises for Office Space
• Obsolete Items
• Student Fees

Board went into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters

Consent Agenda #5 (Tom Vogrin) – Motion by Hoffmann and seconded by Penrod- Vote 5-0 – Motion passed.
• Personnel

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM. The Board went into Executive Session to discuss Mr. Stirn’s evaluation. No action was to be taken.