SE Region ROAD-E-O.
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The Logan-Hocking Local Board of Education recognized several L-H bus drivers on their recent participation in the SE Region ROAD-E-O.

Their knowledge of Federal and State regulations and driving skills of a school bus were put to the test with other drivers from different districts.

Logan came away with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team awards.

1st Place Team:
Tyler Baron
Mike Holbrook
Dan Moore
Pam Moore

2nd Place Team:
Angela Belcher
Rebecca Richards
Kelly Schein
Kendall Wahl

3rd Place Team:
Barb Harkless
Chuck Hopkins
Julie Johnson
Carol Mohler

Individual Results
Mike Holbrook - 2nd
Julie Johnson - 5th
Pam Moore - 6th
Dan Moore - 7th
Barb Harkless - 9th
Angela Belcher - 10th
Kelly Schein - 10th
Tyler Baron - 11th

Pictured are:

Marvin Pennington, SE Region Preservice Instructor; Mike Holbrook, Pam Moore and Dan Moore, L-H 1st Place Team Members; and Bill Ellis 2016 SE Region ROAD-E-O Chairperson. 1st place team member, Tyler Baron was unable to attend.