District Newsletter
Administration Office
Submitted by: Mr. Stephen Stirn
Dear Community Members,

This year has brought about many positive changes for the Logan-Hocking School District. At this time we have successfully opened Hocking Hills Elementary and recently moved students into Chieftain and Union Furnace Elementary Schools. The community should be proud of their tremendous support of our school district. The students are enjoying their new surroundings and the district’s facilities, transportation, and teaching staffs are working hard to ensure that this relocation project runs smoothly.
The school district is planning on holding auctions to dispose of obsolete equipment after the new schools are opened. The auction dates are as follows:

May 15, 2004 Union Furnace will auction all items.
May 22, 2004 South Bloomingville will auction furniture and equipment only.
June 26, 2004 Rockbridge will auction furniture and equipment only.

Times for the auctions will be announced in the Logan Daily News. I look forward to your questions, and to working together with you to build new schools and make existing school facilities better, while securing and preserving the public's trust.

Thank you.
Steve Stirn