From the Superintendent
<< October 2002
The hours of hard work, dedication and planning are now becoming a reality. As you venture throughout Hocking County it is visible that the Logan Hocking School District is growing by leaps and bounds. Yes, we now see the beginning stages, soon to become the final dreams of our school district. New buildings, larger classrooms and necessary resources are on their way. The children in our district will finally benefit from all that so many individuals have strived for over the past few years due to the livelihood of passing our Bond Issue.
Building new schools is a long process with much needed community input. The summer has been filled with movement of dirt, scheduling of footers to be poured, contractors’ trailers being moved in and the laying of block. In the next few weeks even more action will be taking place. At our Chieftain and Hocking Hills sites, the dirt will be no longer visible as you will soon see structures starting to be erected. The Union Furnace site is still working through a minor detour with a support wall being planned due to the slipping of a hillside. As soon as specifications for this wall are designed and the wall built, Union Furnace will join in with the building process.
Future updates included contractors bids being accepted for all buildings, materials being shipped to each site and making sure plans stay on schedule for the anticipated Spring of 2004 completion date. I would like to again thank the residents of the Logan Hocking School District, our students, staff and many other friends for their passionate and timeless support of this worthy adventure. When all is said and done: Let the Celebrations begin!!!