Here are a few helpful resources for parents and educators for talking with children about the war.


National Institute on Media and the Family. See "Tips for Helping Children Cope with War and Terrorism" and "Dr. David Walsh shares tips for talking with children when disaster strikes." Information of use for children of all ages.

National Association of School Psychologists. Handout on "Children and Fear
of War and Terrorism Tips for Parents and Teachers."

American Academy of Pediatrics. They have prepared a comprehensive site titled "Children, Terrorism and Disasters." Providing help for parents and educators on issues as general as fear and as specific as preparing to deal with specific forms of terrorism.

New York University Child Study Center. They have program called "About Our Kids" that features a comprehensive site providing guidance in talking with children about war and a reference list of books to read with children and books for adults related to this subject.

American Psychological Association. They maintain an extensive site called "Help With Trauma" focused on issues of the impact of terrorism and war on children with fact sheets and guidance. Materials available parents and educators working with children of all ages.

Children Now.
They have developed a program called "Talking With Kids About Tough Issues" which includes sections on terrorism and war. Focus is on elementary school and older age children.


Talking to Children About Terrorism and Armed Conflict

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Talking with Kids About the News

Talking with Kids About War and Violence