Modeling Viruses                  Mrs. Bergreen, 2011


Suggested resources for information in INFOhio:


¥  Science Online

¥  A.D.A.M.

¥  MEDLINEplus

¥  Oxford Online Reference

¥  World Book Advanced

¥  EBSCOhost



Suggested resources for images:


Russell Kightley Science Images

Beautiful color images and a search window make this site easy to use. No information is given so use this site for images only.



Like the resource above, TurboSquid offers color images and a searchable index, but no information about the viruses.


The Nebraska Medical Center 3D Medical Atlas

This site offers numerous short medical videos including some on viruses. ItÕs easy to use; just click on a category (for example, Immune) and scroll through the alphabetical list to find your topic.


3D Science

This site has a limited number of 3D detailed virus models and an alphabetized clip art section. Hint: To access virus clipart, click on the letter V in the alphabetical listing at the top of the page and then use the Next button to access all the images available.


PhysiciansÕ Research Network

This page on the PhysiciansÕ Research Network Web site provides 3D images of a select number of viruses.


The Big Book of Viruses

This is a catalog of virus pictures and a resource for information about viruses.



The Web site eHow has tips on how to create virus models. Just use the links below:

How to Make a 3D Model of a Virus

Directions to Make Virus Models




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