Pictures of 4th Grade students at Central Elementary working in the computer lab. They are working on the Practice AIR Test.
Central Elementary student council members made an encouragement banner for the AIR testing. Students were jumping for joy and ready to start taking the test. Good luck to all students! WE are ready!
Mrs. Britton's 3rd grade class at Central Elementary has been learning about immigration.
Central Elementary School is committed to recognizing students who meet the criteria of our RESPECT motto, being Responsible, Educated, Safe, Proud, Encouraging, Considerate, and Tolerant.
Central Elementary students in Miss Grant's math class played a game of "Spill and Write"! The math game helped students understand fractions and they had FUN playing!
Mr. Dietz's social studies classes at Central Elementary are learning about the three branches of Government.
Mrs. St.Clair's preschool class at Central Elementary learned about fairy tales this week. The class had so much fun retelling the stories and acting out what we had just read. After doing a classroom graph we found out that the class' favorite fairy tale was The Princess and the Pea.
Central Elementary students in Ms. Cummings' fourth grade classs have been coaching each other on their reading fluency. After one student reads and summarizes what they just read the student coach gives feedback about what the reader did well and how they could improve.
Mrs. Adkins kindergarten class at Central Elementary is learning about our presidents this week. They are practicing writing sentences while learning about what presidents are on our money to help identify coins and the dollar bill.
Students in Mrs. Collins class have been learning about people who work in our community for the past few weeks. Students then completed a project called “When I grow up”.
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