Our Central Elementary reading groups have been working hard this year. We have been focusing on comprehension during our reading group time.
Central Elementary students did a little twist from our traditional math talk today. The students were given 6 digits and using those digits and any operations of their choice, they had to generate an equation that would equal 36.
Central kindergarten students took a walking field trip today. They went to the fire station, the downtown library, and Hocking Hills Bakery. They also checked out the park and gazebo and walked through the post office.
Mrs. Shaw’s 4th grade Language Arts class at Central Elementary practiced Speaking and Listening by preparing for and delivering the play, To Go with the Flow.
The fourth graders at Central Elementary explored this big idea and discovered we use Scientific skills everyday! We observe, investigate, ask questions, gather data, and make conclusions just to name a few.
Ms. Collins' class explores living and nonliving parts of our ecosystem! On our field trip to Boch Hollow Nature Preserve our guides taught us how important each part of the Ecosystem is and how they work together.
Central Elementary Student of the Month, September 2018.
Hocking County Health Department and Logan-Hocking School Health Council is promoting a Walk/Bike to School event for Central Elementary on Tuesday, October 9th. Start your day by walking to school! Meet at the Worthington Park Gazebo at 8:20AM and walk to school with Mrs. Van Horn! There will be a special guest, you don’t want to miss!
The Presbyterian Farms came to Mrs. Shull’s second grade class to teach a science lesson. The students were taught how living things function and interact with their physical environments.
Central Elementary students in Miss Barnett's class celebrated Constitution Day, on September 17th! Students read the book, We the Kids by David Catrow, and discussed the US Constitution.
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