Central Elementary students have activity day monthly. Students throughout the building work on several different activities such as Data Tracking their attendance, behaviors, writing, math facts and many more items.
Central Elementary Students in Mrs. Dixon's Kindergarten class are perfecting their letter writing skills. Kindergarten students in class are writing to two members of the United States Military. The students did an amazing job brainstorming, editing, and then writing their letters. They are excited about getting return mail from their heroes.
Central Elementary students in Ms. Wilson's kindergarten class became inspired to study polar bears because their classmate, Katelynn Krannitz, shared her love for Nora, the baby polar bear from the Columbus Zoo.
Who knew WRITING could be so fun? Mrs. Garey’s class at Central Elementary is so excited about writing. Students are writing a multi-paragraph report on penguins. Boys and girls will be typing our final fancy copy for the very first time on our own! Our student’s inspiration came from an author visit from Mr. Bentley. Mr. Bentley reminded the boys and girls that it takes lots of practice to become a good writer.
Mrs. Collins first grade class was full of Emperor Penguins! Central Elementary students in Mrs. Collins first graders have been learning about Arctic animals for the past two weeks in preparation to our Family Polar Palooza night.
Do you have STAMINA we do! Carrington Coffil in Mrs. Shull's second grade class at Central Elementary is proud of her non-fiction writing about Arctic animals. She works very hard and shows she has writing STAMINA, she had to do only two re-writes.
Mrs. Dixon's kindergarten class at Central Elementary had a fantastic time performing the Gingerbread Man Play for parents. It was a great way to bring together retelling and comparing different versions of the story.
Second Grade Singing Sensations! The second graders at Central Elementary had a great time spreading Christmas cheer throughout downtown Logan! The boys and girls took a walking field trip downtown to sing Christmas carols show our appreciation for our town and its’ citizens.
Central Elementary students in Mrs. Rice's first grade student's have been working hard on their Christmas Around the World notebooks. They have learned a lot about Christmas traditions in other countries, and compared them to the traditions in The United States. They have enjoyed learning about how other children celebrate this time of year.
Students in Mrs. Maniskas' First Grade Class are learning to write paragraphs. They used a nonfiction story from their Scott Foresman reading books to find facts about foxes.
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