Second graders at Central Elementary had a great afternoon exploring living and nonliving things with our volunteer friends from Rural Action.
Mrs. Vollmer's math cluster has been learning about different types of graphs. The class decided to collect data from their fellow students about their favorite kind of pet. The students went to each third grade classroom and surveyed the students about which pet was their favorite.
Central Elementary Student Council Members made decorations and goodie bags for the Logan High School Varsity Volleyball game. Students put a volley for the cure sticker on hershey kisses. Then filled bags full on candy and pink ribbons. Helping people in need is what we do at Central Elementary!
Central Elementary fourth grade students,write with creativity and a purpose. Each student created person and wrote about the creation using adjectives. The students learned how to use correct grammar and had fun doing it!
Students at Central Elementary in Ms. Wilson's class made flags, sang Patriotic songs, read books, and marched around with our very own flags to show our respect on Patriot Day. Students are learning to say The Pledge Of Allegiance and all about the United States flag. We are so proud to be Americans!
Wednesday, Oct. 4th, 2017 Central Elementary will be participating in Walk To School Day. Come celebrate the benefits of walking and bicycling.
Central Elementary pre-school students in Mrs. St. Clair's class participated in a fun week filled with many apple activities, students did a science experiment including apples.
Fourth grade Students at Central Elementary have been settling into Readerís and Writerís Workshop by creating lists for behaviors and procedures. They met in groups and wrote their ideas on post it notes of good reading behaviors,before sharing their thoughts with the class. We love to READ at Central.
Second graders using their think marks, as they practice their 20 days of Readers Workshop!
Central Elementary students in Mrs. Todd's pre-school classroom are learning how to share. During our school day we read several books throughout the day. Students share books, ideas, and fun things they know. Then the students demonstrate their love for learning by reading books to each other.
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