Central Elementary students in Mrs. Todd's pre-school classroom are learning how to share. During our school day we read several books throughout the day. Students share books, ideas, and fun things they know. Then the students demonstrate their love for learning by reading books to each other.
Central Elementary preschool students in Mrs. Stimmel's class have been busy learning and meeting new friends! This week each student brought in several items from home in their "All About Me" bag to teach their friends about themselves.
Welcome Back, Central Elementary! We are anxious to watch you soar this year, while you,“ Imagine with all your mind. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might.” Unknown At Central, learning is made fun, while teachers and students are recognized for individual everyday successes, under the belief that if we are aware of our capability to make daily impacts, our passion and potential become unstoppable.
Central Elementary Families enjoyed the Back to School Pool party, families swam and enjoyed reuniting with old and new friends. Staff is EXCITED to start this new school year!!
Central Elementary would like to invite our students, staff, and families to a Back To School Pool Party, Thursday, Aug. 10th, 7pm-8:30pm. All students must bring a parent/guardian to this fun filled event. Sponsored by Central Elementary and free admission to our Central Elementary families.
The boys and girls in Mrs. Garey’s second grade math class are becoming Math Masters. We are working hard learning our multiplication facts to earn karate belts. Our belts are recorded on our belt board so we always know what we’ve mastered and what we need to work on.
1st Grade students at Central Elementary learned about 2D and 3D shapes in Mrs. Conrad's class. They compared the likes and differences between a square and cube, circle, sphere, and a cylinder, also a triangle and pyramid. They learned about how to determine if a shape has a face, straight sides or curved sides and vertices (corners).
Ms. Wilson asked her kindergarten parents if they had any hobbies or special talents they would like to share with the class this year. They sure did deliver!
Students in Mrs. Mulrooney's third grade at Central Elementary, read Around One Cactus. Students then did research projects on animals and plants that live in the desert.
Right to Read Week has started at Central Elementary School. Students in Mrs. Mulrooney's class are cutting out items that The Very Hungry Caterpillar would eat and then punching holes through them, so that he can ate it all.
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