The students at Central Elementary recently donated over 1,800 food items to the Smith Chapel Food Pantry!
Full-Scale Safety Exercise Scheduled for Central Elementary Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at an Unknown Time What does this mean? This exercise is a PRACTICE DRILL only. The district has collaborated with local public safety agencies, to conduct this exercise. The following agencies will be responding as if a real incident has occurred: Logan Police Department, Hocking County Sheriff’s Department,
Thursday Leader Lunches began recently at Green. Once a week, two students from each classroom join the principal for lunch to share their Leadership Notebooks and their feedback about the school. As the year goes on all K-4 students will have an opportunity to participate to share about their leading and learning.
The Student Lighthouse Team at Green planned a beautiful Veterans Day Ceremony which included a special musical guest, 328, from LHS. We were honored to have several local veterans join us to celebrate and honor those who serve our country. Lighthouse students led the Pledge of Allegiance, shared information about the holiday and sang patriotic songs. 328 sang the anthems of each of the branches of the armed forces, Owen Nott and Maisy Ward presented a special piano duet and Mrs. Travis performe...
The 1st Term Honor Roll for the High School and Middle School (2018-19 school year) is now available.
During National Education Association's 97th annual American Education Week 2018, LHSD celebrates public education & honors all individuals who are making a difference in ensuring every child receives a quality education. "Great Public Schools: A Basic Right & Our Responsibility" Special recognition and thank you to all LHSD employees for all they do! For more information, visit
The Chieftain Athletic Booster Craft Show will be held Saturday, Dec. 1st, at Logan High School, 9am-2pm.
There will be a meet the team night on November 25 @ 6:30 p.m. at Logan High School in the Jim Myers Gymnasium. Cheerleaders, Basketball Players will be there to meet and greet with the community. Let's fill the gym and support our basketball teams. More information to follow.
Parent Tips from Know! -Empowering Parents To Raise Their Children To Be Substance Free "Research shows that our teens are listening to and respecting the advice we, as parents, give—especially on delicate yet important subjects such as this. It is our responsibility, no matter how uncomfortable the conversation might feel at the time, to provide this information to our children, to allow them to ask questions, to give them the opportunity to share their feelings,
There will be a 2 hour delay for all Logan Hocking Schools on Thursday, November 15th due to inclement weather. Please check the district website if you need more information concerning this delay.
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