Subscribing to School Calendars
Technology Dept.
Submitted by: Paul Cummings
You can subscribe to any of our school building calendars via Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Apple iCal, and many other calendaring applications. When you subscribe to a calendar, changes & additions are automatically updated to your calendar.

Below are instructions for subscribing to a school calendar via Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Apple iCal.

Google Calendar
1. Click the + Google Calendar icon at the bottom right of the calendar.
2. This will prompt you to sign into your Google account (or create one if needed).
3. After signing in, you will be prompted to add the building calendar, the district calendar, or both.

Apple iCal
1. Click the +Subscribe to this Calendar link at the bottom left of the calendar
2. This should open the iCal application on your computer
3. Click the Subscribe button
4. Change Auto-refresh to Every day, then click OK

Microsoft Outlook 2007
1. Click the +Subscribe to this Calendar link at the bottom left of the calendar
2. This should open the Outlook application on your computer, click Yes to acknowledge
3. Click Yes at, "Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook & subscribe to updates" prompt

* Microsoft Outlook 2003 requires a 3rd party plugin to be able to subscribe to Internet calendars. The plugin is called RemoteCalendars.

What other applications can subscribe to an online calendar?
All you need is a calendar application that supports the iCalendar standard. There are several excellent calendar applications available for each major operating system.

Macintosh: iCal, Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird, Zimbra, DayChaser
Windows: Microsoft Works (Version 8 or higher), WinDates, Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird, Zimbra
Linux: Novell Evolution, KOrganizer, Kronolith, Mozilla Calendar, Sunbird, Zimbra

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