Teacher Spotlight 20
Digital Academy
Submitted by: T. Shonborn

Welcome to Chieftain Academy Angie Helber!!
Ms. Helber comes to Chieftain Academy from the Opportunity Center. She works with our 6th grade students making sure they working to their best ability. Ms. Helber was formerly the Middle School Opportunity Center teacher, school Guidance Counselor for the Elementary schools and Middle School, and a classroom teacher.
Ms. Helber is a graduate of Logan-Hocking Schools and Ohio University. She loves spending time with her cats and is very close with her parents who live near her.
“Ms. Helber has a desire to see students do well in their academics, but also life in general.She does her best to communicate with students and parents alike. Her dedication to her students and families goes far beyond just having them in class and giving them a grade.The Chieftain Academy thanks you, Ms. Helber, for your hard work and dedication.” Tina Shonborn

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