LHS Mock Trial Competition
Logan High School
Submitted by: Ben Taulbee

On January 22, the LHS Mock Trial team competed against two other schools for this year's case about the 5th and 14th Amendments. Due to this year being a completely virtual competition, our lawyer teams of Heavenly Nichols / Campbell Kernen and Stewart Travis / Liz Long worked hard to prepare for all elements of the trial. Our witnesses also prepared for direct and cross examination and were played by Seth Jensen, Heavenly Nichols, Lindsey Rice, and Liz Long. Seth Jensen won the Outstanding Witness award for his portrayal of Charlie Nguyen, the defense's expert witness. This year we lost the first trial 182-148 and tied the second trial 159-159. This was the first year for most of our team, so we're looking forward to building on this experience for next year!

Team pic order from left to right: Lindsey Rice, Liz Long, Maddy Ellinger, Heavenly Nichols, Stewart Travis, Seth Jensen, Campbell Kernen.

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