School Climate Transformation Grant Update
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In October 2019, the Logan-Hocking School District was
awarded a five year, federally funded School Climate
Transformation Grant. This competitive grant is
intended to develop, enhance, or expand systems of
support and technical assistance to schools
implementing an evidence-based multi-tiered
behavioral framework for improving behavioral
outcomes and learning conditions for all students.1 The
overall Logan-Hocking project goal is to utilize the
National Dropout Prevention Centerís model for
Trauma-Skilled Schools to redesign educational
systems, create a comprehensive and integrated Multi
Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), including K-12
opioid prevention/mitigation, ensuring equitable access
to positive learning environments that improve
academic success, all intending to enable each student
to reach his or her fullest potential. This brief provides
an update on the grant implementation progress as of
July 2020.

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School Climate Transformation Grant

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