Teacher Spotlight 14
Digital Academy
Submitted by: T. Shonborn

Welcome to Chieftain Academy Mr. Perry!!!
Mr. Perry is our 8th grade instructor.His classroom is located at the Logan Hocking Middle School.
He comes to us from Central and Chieftain Elementary schools where he taught Physical Education for 17 years. As a traveling teacher he saw thousands of students and now gets to work with many of them again in a new setting as their Chieftain Academy teacher.
Mr. Perry is an avid runner. He runs everyday no matter what the weather, he has run 578 days in a row. His family, Mrs. Perry (a 7th grade English teacher at the MS) and his two children, have recently started running with him.
“Mr. Perry is a true asset to the Chieftain Academy. He is doing a great job engaging the students and providing support as needed.” Mrs. Shonborn
“So far chieftain academy is pretty good it beats waking up at 6 am but it's pretty good. Mr. Perry is a pretty nice guy from the times that I have talked to him he is more a laid back teacher not really one that forces you to get so many things done in one day.” Jacob Huffines

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