Message from Superintendent of Schools, Monte Bainter
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Dear Logan-Hocking School District Family,
As we worked hand-in-hand with the Health Department to put together our comprehensive plan for reopening our schools safely, we were confident that the plan covered the health and safety of our students and employees. I was beyond impressed with the care and planning all of you took to implement the plan. As I visited schools this week, all of those extra steps you took did not go unnoticed. I received many complimentary phone calls and messages from community members about our reopening.
As we also knew, we would need our comprehensive plan in place when positive Covid-19 cases emerged. I am now testing the very system I helped to create. As of Friday, I was tested and quarantined for being exposed to someone with coronavirus. I was notified Saturday afternoon by the Health Department that my test was positive. My test was sent to the State lab which has been 99.9% accurate with this type of test. At this time I am not symptomatic. The Administrative Office is being deep cleaned. The next step in the plan is to identify anyone that I had been in contact with closer than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes since Thursday.
The Health Department is following the plan, have done contact tracing, are monitoring contacts and would take the next steps if any of my contacts would become symptomatic. I share this information with you to be transparent with the facts, to reassure you, that when information is shared, it will be timely and accurate. As stated in our plan, positive cases will not be identified by name, but I am sharing my information willingly. Other rumors may surface, so I wanted you to be able to trust in this plan to work as I do.

Take care of yourself and each other,
Monte Bainter, Superintendent
Logan-Hocking Schools

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