How do I know if I will be Accepted?
Digital Academy
Submitted by: T. Shonborn
There have been some questions as to what are the qualifications to being accepted into the Chieftain Academy and will I be accepted? Here is a short run down on the qualifications for the Chieftain Academy. The criteria for being accepted into the Chieftain Academy are as follows but not limited to:
1. Student must have internet at home
2. Student should be responsible and have self motivation
3. Student must be able to complete the course work independently. Help from parent(s) and teacher are acceptable within reason.
4. Students with IEP's must have an IEP meeting with Mrs. Cook-Porter and team to determine if the program is an appropriate fit for student, as this is a more independent type of coursework.
5. Student must follow attendance guidelines and complete assignments as assigned.
***These are subject to change or at any time.

If you have further questions, please feel free to email
Tina Shonborn for grades 2-8
Wendy Garbrandt for grades 9-12
or Chieftain Academy Supervisor Brice Frasure

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