Football Food Drive
Submitted by: Jody Braden

“Feed a Family” night at Chieftain Stadium.

Project SAFE and the Logan Athletic Department have teamed together to help feed families in our community. On September 20th, Logan-Hocking students can donate a dinner package and receive free admission to that nights game.All food donated goes to the Project SAFE food pantry. The pantry is free to all families that have a student(s) in the Logan-Hocking School district. There will be a table at the Main gate for donations and information on how to sign up for the pantry. Packages are listed below and there is a 5 item minimum to each donation. We ask that you donate two items from either Package A or two from Package B and then 3 from Packages C and D in any combination. Buy new or pull from your pantry. For additional information, please contact Jody Braden at
So come and enjoy the game, cheer on the Chieftains and help feed a family.
Packages: Minimum of 5 items in each donation for free admission to the game

Package A Pasta and Sauce (dinner)
Any type of pasta and any type of sauce. Example: you can do spaghetti or penne pasta with a can of spaghetti sauce or fettuccine with alfredo sauce. Then remaining items from Package C and D.

Package B Sandwich and chips (dinner)
Canned chicken or tuna and chips. Example: you can donate 1 can of meat and a family size bag of chips. Then remaining items from Package C and D.

Package C Fruit and Veggies (sides)
This would be at least one family size cans of fruit or vegetables.

Package D Soup and bread (sides)
Family size can of soup and a box of biscuits or cornbread mix.

Please come to the Main gate for donation drop off and admission. Look for the Project SAFE table.

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