Computer Science Camp - Grades 6-12, Deadline July 10
Logan High School
Submitted by: Alyssa Burns/Dani Bell

UPDATE - Please note date & time changes below.

Check out this awesome opportunity for our students! Computer Science Camp 2019 has something for any interested 6-12 grader, & there is no cost to attend!

Scratch Camp - entering grades 6-9, 9-11:30AM
Intro to Python Camp - entering grades 8-12, 12-3PM
Advanced Coding Camp - entering grades 10-12, 3:30-5:30PM

Thank you, Mrs. Burns, Billy Woltz, & Max Burns, for making this summer learning experience possible!

July 17, 18
Room 253 of Logan High School
No cost
Instructors: Billy Woltz, MIT Physics and Computer Science major; Max Burns, LHS Senior; Alyssa Burns, LHS Science Teacher

Scratch Camp - entering grades 6-9, 9-11:30AM

Scratch Camp participants will learn basic programming techniques using Scratch. This level is for students with little to no experience in programming. This course will help students learn how to organize their thinking about computers and how computers “think.” The course will build towards a capstone project in which students build their own playable video game in Scratch.

Intro to Python Camp - entering grades 8-12, 12-3PM

Intro to Python camp participants will be introduced to writing programs in Python to solve problems. Students will later be able to apply problem-solving skills learned in camp to solve new problems, such as thinking computationally, organizing data structures, coding simple video games, and even creating artificially intelligent bots to play against.

Advanced Coding Camp - entering grades 10-12, 3:30-5:30PM

Advanced Coding Camp is designed for students who have completed the first year Introduction to Python Camp at Logan High School or have learned the foundations of programming in Python from a different source (please ask if you are not sure of your level). This camp will explore advanced topics as students work to apply their programming knowledge in new contexts. Topics will include analysis of algorithms, artificial intelligence methods, and potentially others, such as numerical techniques, depending on time and student interest. This course may include some encouraged, but not required, homework exercises.

To sign up, email Alyssa Burns at, or call Logan High School, 385-2069 extension 1119, and leave a voicemail message. Deadline to sign up is July 10.

UPDATED Computer Science Camp Flyer

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