BREAKING NEWS: 328 to Perform on FOX 28, Good Day Columbus!! - 5/25, 8:45AM
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Submitted by: John McClain/Dani Bell

BREAKING NEWS: Update on the LHS Choir Varsity Brands Award!

A Note from Director John McClain...

In January, LHS students Emma Myers and Lanie Bainter, spearheaded a nomination for our choir to be considered for the Varsity Brands Most Spirited Choir Award. Not knowing what to expect, they submitted their nomination with a letter of support from Mr. Bainter, and the semester marched on. (See their essay below)

Long story short, the students were notified that we had won the Most Spirited Choir Award, but unfortunately we were unable to make it to the awards ceremony that was held two weeks ago at Walt Disney World, due to our previous travel plans for the year–our Midwest Tour in June to Chicago. Even though we were unable to attend, we were excited to learn this award came with a prize of $3000!

WAIT THERE'S MORE - Just yesterday, after being in communication with Dani Bell regarding a local press release for this award, I was contacted by the Vice President of Public Relations for a media consulting group in New York City. The VP shared that she heard of our winning this award, and she loved our story and the students' nomination. This media group represents FOX 28 and Good Day Columbus, and they want us to be featured LIVE on TV, with a performance and interview, as the MOST SPIRITED CHOIR IN AMERICA!

While I wish we could take every member of the choirs, due to time and space in the news studio, 328 A Cappella Group will be our ambassadors representing the 150-member program.

Here are the details:
– This Saturday, May 25
– Airing LIVE at 8:45 AM
– 4 minute segment
– Logan High School Choirs, Represented by 328 A Cappella Group
– FOX28, Good Day Columbus

Tune in/set your DVRs to support your Logan High School Choirs, THE MOST SPIRITED CHOIR IN AMERICA!

A huge thank you goes to our school district and community for being so supportive of the arts.

Below is the winning student nomination essay, which is how this all began.

The Logan High School Choir Program
Written by: Lanie Bainter and Emma Myers

The Logan High School Choir program is unlike any other. Led by Mr. John McClain and Ms. Gretchen Weber, our choir strives for excellence in and out of the classroom. Our goal as a choir is not only to inspire our audience wherever we go, but also to inspire our school and small community to become a better place. Whether it is singing the school fight songs and alma mater in the lobby on football Friday’s, or the National Anthem before sporting events, the Logan High School Choir is always there, supporting our school with enthusiasm and pride.

Mr. McClain is an active member of multiple groups in the school and community. You can find him cheering on the Chiefs at sporting events, or meeting with members of the Purple Power Club, to discuss how to make the school environment more positive and inclusive. He strives to educate students on how to be active members in society, and to make a difference in the world one conversation at a time.

Each year, we have had a different theme to base our music off of, and to share throughout the school and community. Last year our theme was “It Begins Here.” For us, the “it” was love. Everything starts with loving and caring for one another, and what better place to start, than our own little town. Throughout the year we focused a lot on the community, by singing at multiple events throughout the year. Between performing at the Frozen Festival, Logan in Bloom, the Christmas Parade, local churches and stores, and Shop with a Cop, the Logan High School Choir is well-known all throughout town. We also put on a last minute fundraiser for a local woman who passed away from Breast Cancer. She left behind a husband, who is a teacher at Logan High School, as well as three little boys at home. Our community came together, and we raised 1500 dollars to give to the children's college funds.

This year our theme was “With Open Hearts”. With this theme, we wanted to reach out to others in our school and community with open hearts, to symbolize inclusiveness, understanding, and acceptance. Every Monday we wore heart pins, and throughout the school day, the choir members would take off their hearts and give it to another student. That student would then give the heart to another classmate, and before we knew it, everywhere you looked, someone had on a heart pin. The amount of positive feedback we had was amazing, and the students and staff seemed to really enjoy it. We learned that such a simple act of kindness could bring so much joy to someone's day.

Before Mr. McClain came back to his hometown to teach at his alma mater high school, there were distinct bridges between the athletics and the arts. Seeing an athlete in the art hallway was rare, and seeing a choir member at a basketball game was unthinkable. However, Mr. McClain, and assistant director, Ms. Weber, have worked day after day, year after year, slowly bringing our divisive school together. Our choir is now diverse with many talents, including student-athletes, band members, Thespians, honors students, and many more. Every day, we put our differences aside and come together as one, to make beautiful music together.

Side Note:
If you missed Phil Myers' outstanding photos from the latest concert, click here to see the full album:
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