2019 State Public Speaking
Logan High School
Submitted by: Chief Logan FFA

On Saturday, March 2, 2019, two Chief Logan FFA members traveled to Marysville
High School to compete in the State Public Speaking CDE contests. The state public speaking contests consist of the top two speakers from each district in each category. Those contestants are then split into rooms of ten speakers with the top two in each room advancing. Montana Stringer competed in the advanced creed speaking contest. The creed speaking contest requires the students to memorize and recite the FFA Creed and answer questions about its meaning. Stringer placed 4th in the room that she spoke in, narrowly missing the finals. Bethany Starlin, a senior competed in the advanced prepared speaking contest which required writing, memorizing, and delivering a 6-8 minute speech. She then had to answer pointed questions about her topic. Bethany is no stranger to the state contest with this year making the third year that she qualified to compete at this level. Starlin placed in the top two in her room and delivered her speech for a second time in the final round. Ultimately she finished 2nd overall in the state contest. She was awarded a plaque onsite for her high placing. Placing second in the state, Starlin has been invited to compete at the Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts. Being able to witness the hard work that Bethany has put into Public Speaking pay off with such a high placing was an amazing end to her public speaking CDE career. However, I know that she will use this skill to achieve many things in her future.

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