LHMS Math Counts Team Wins Regional
Logan-Hocking Middle
Submitted by: Mrs. Ballenger and Mr. Wolfe

Ten LHMS students traveled to Ohio University on Saturday, March 1st, to compete in the Chapter competition for Math Counts (equivalent to a regional competition). The ten students included 8th grader Zach Herring, 7th graders Zach Aldridge, Brooklynn Bergstedt, Isaiah Bookman, Mira Burns, Blayke Nutter, Raven Perkins, Campbell Swanson and 6th graders Logan Keck and Jonah McAfee. The 10 competitors were accompanied by coaches Kelly Wolfe and Stacey Ballenger. It was a very successful day for the students representing Logan. There were approximately 40 students competing from 5 different school districts. The top 10 scoring individuals get to compete in the Countdown Round, in which students go head to head solving challenging problems without the use of a calculator, within 45 seconds and also in front of the crowd. Within those top 10, Logan had 5 students claim spots. Individual placers included Campbell Swanson - 8th, Zach Aldridge - 6th, Logan Keck - 5th, Isaiah Bookman - 4th and Blayke Nutter - 1st. During the Countdown Round, Blayke and Isaiah claimed 1st and 2nd, respectively. Logan and Zach earned the 6th and 7th places, respectively and Campbell placed 9th. The Team Round involves each of the five schools having 4 of their students compete against each other. The four that competed together for Logan were Blayke Nutter, Logan Keck, Isaiah Bookman and Zach Aldridge. That team of four was able to claim 1st place against the other four schools, which also guaranteed them a spot to compete at the state level on Saturday, March 16 at Columbus State. Coaches Kelly Wolfe and Stacey Ballenger were extremely proud of ALL of the students and are very appreciative of all of the hard work they have all put in throughout the season.

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