Our School Board: Working for Kids & the Community to Make a Difference
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January is Ohio School Board Recognition Month. Please take a moment to show your appreciation to our School Board Members. On behalf of the Logan-Hocking School District and our extended school community, THANK YOU: Dr. Scott Anzalone, Mr. Lance Bell, Dr. John Woltz, Mrs. Betty Amnah, and Mr. Mark Barrell for serving our children. We also recognize the dedication of our student board representatives, Carter Krannitz and Matthew Cobel. Thank you all!

Hosts, Sydney Lingerak & Brice Berry, will be interviewing devoted board members, on our Student Radio Show, Chieftain Chat, which airs each Thursday, at 7:15AM on 98.3 SAM FM & 103.3 WLGN. You will also find feature stories on each member this month, in the Logan Daily News! Thank you to our media community partners for helping us honor our board! #allstarschoolboard


Boards of education are a mature and tested institution in Ohio. School board members make policy; approve contracts with employees; choose curriculum; adopt budgets; and select a superintendent, treasurer and business manager to administer the district. They do all these tasks with the emphasis on what’s best for the children they serve.

Being an effective school board member is no easy task, particularly in today’s climate of change and challenge. School board members need to be knowledgeable about many complex education and social issues, and carry out initiatives and directives from both federal and state governments. To face these demands of governing our public schools, they give countless hours of personal time.

A public board of education is a legislative body of citizens elected locally by their communities. Most Ohio school boards consist of five or seven members who serve four-year terms of office. The number of board members for career center boards of education varies. Members usually are appointed for one-year terms representing their “home” districts. As copartners with the General Assembly, which created boards of education, school board members are designated to carry out the constitutional mandate to administer the school system of each district.

Through dedicated, responsible endeavors, school board members serve the public interest in public education — and serve the needs of our kids. They ensure that decisions about public schools are made as close to the needs of our communities as possible. Their public service is an excellent example for young and old alike of the tradition of volunteerism that is a hallmark of American society.

This January, local communities are invited to honor the contributions and dedication of their local school board members — those locally elected citizens who make decisions that affect, influence and direct the education of our youth.
Our school board is just one of the more than 700 boards across Ohio. Let’s say “thank you” to those who participate in what is perhaps the purest form of grassroots democratic principles upon which our republic was founded.
Our school board members do make a difference in our community, for every child, every day.

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