Caroling 2nd Graders from Central Spread Holiday Cheer
Central Elementary
Submitted by: Dani Bell

Central Elementary 2nd Grades chose caroling as their Parent Engagement Activity. They walked from the school to Main Street. What a welcomed surprise these beautiful children were to downtown businesses & public offices, as they spread holiday cheer through their smiles, carefree singing, & innocence. They wished a Merry Christmas to various businesses, the City Building, & the Police & Fire Department. One adorable student was overheard conversing with a fellow student about our Mayor. He said, "I wonder if the Mayor works at the Police Dept." & then excitedly pointed to a police cruiser, exclaiming, "Wow! Look at that. I bet that's what the mayor drives!" The children were all so well behaved, anyone who saw them would have bet they were an older class. Thank you to all the parents who were able to participate and to all those who slowed down in their work day, to give a listening ear, making the students feel good about spreading holiday kindness.

Click the link to hear one of their favorites!
Caroling 2nd Graders

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