Cell Phone Update
Logan High School
Submitted by: Kenneth Dille, Rob Ramage, Sha

LHS Students and Parents,

School district leadership has asked that we share the following information with you.

High schools across the nation are dealing with an epidemic of classroom/learning distraction and disruption caused by cell phones. Research is very clear that when a student has their cell phone available they are distracted and unable to learn at the level needed to be successful.

For this reason, the administration and staff at LHS are now going to enforce the cell phone policy that is already in place, to the letter. (item #27, page 15 of the Student Handbook Code of Conduct)

This means that cell phone usage by students will NEVER be permitted during an academic class period. The specifics of this policy will be listed below for clarity, but the basic idea is that from start bell to dismissal bell each academic class period, no student may have a phone visible, nor on their person. Whether you use it or not, having it visible, or on your person will be considered a violation. This also includes any time you would be out of an academic classroom for a restroom break.

Here are the specifics of this policy:
Cell phones may not be visible during all academic classes.
Students are free to use their phones during class changes, lunch, and study halls.
Violations of this policy will result in confiscation of the phone until the end of that class period, or for the remainder of the day at the teacher's discretion.
All phones confiscated for the remainder of the school day will be stored in Mr. Ramage's office and may be picked up there after school.
Cell phones may NOT be used in the hallways during any class period.
Students on restroom passes may NOT have a phone visible, nor in use while in the hallway, regardless of what class they have that period.
Teachers may ask students to leave phones in the classroom or study hall when leaving on a pass.
Students with repeated, or ongoing violations of this policy will be subject to discipline. Discipline may include having a phone not returned to the student and held for a parent/guardian to pick up, or a student could be told they must turn in their phone daily to the office before school starts.
The definition of "on your person" means in your pocket, or in your clothing.
To avoid issues, the best place to store your phone would be in your book bag with the ringer silenced.
Once again, this policy is not new. However, due to the high levels of distraction cell phones are causing, it is necessary to enforce it more strictly now so that students may engage at a higher level and improve performance in the classroom.

This message will be read to all students during the morning announcements on Monday morning by Mr. Ramage.

Mr. Dille, Mr. Ramage, Mrs. Boggs

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