Digital Academy
Submitted by: T. Shonborn

Digital Academy only posts grades at Semesters due to the system we use (Plato) for graded 4-8. Classes are set up on Semesters, therefore students have a full Semester to complete all assignments. Digital Academy does not post interim grades or 9 weeks grades. If you are concerned about your child's progress you can log into your child's Plato program and their current grade is visible there or feel free to contact me anytime.
Grades K-3(4), we do not use Plato, so we will post grades per 9 weeks. There is no interim grades, but your child will receive a grade each quarter. You can check this grade through Campus Portal. I will mail grades each Semester.
If you do not have Campus Portal set up or are having a hard time getting logged in, please call our technology department and they will help you get it set up (740) 385-9329.
Again, if you have any questions about the progress of your child, please feel free to contact me at 740-385-8764 ext 2624 or

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