LHMS Presentation on Cell Phones, Social Media & Other Teenage Risks
Logan-Hocking Middle
Submitted by: Chad Grow/Dani Bell

SEPTEMBER 4, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m.

Title: What Parents Should Know About Cell Phones, Social Media and Other
Risks Teenagers Face

Presenter: Andrew H. Stevenson, Attorney at Law

Overview: The presentation is intended to educate parents about the risks and challenges facing today’s youth. The focus of the presentation will be the hidden dangers and costs of smart phones and social media. Most people are unaware of the design features of smart phones and social media that make them addictive and the effect this has on developing brains and social development. Additionally, the presentation will also address some of the negative behaviors, such as sexting, which are facilitated by the cell phone. Hopefully, those who attend will gain insight and an understanding of how to better navigate their children through the increasingly complex and dangerous world in which they live.

About Andrew H. Stevenson

Andrew was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio. He is a graduate of Lancaster High School, Miami University, University of California-Hastings College of the Law, and Indiana University where he received his Ph.D in Sociology/Criminology. He has been practicing criminal defense for over 20 years in Fairfield and surrounding counties. Andrew is a frequent lecturer on legal and social issues throughout the State of Ohio. He is a nationally recognized defense attorney, a past-president of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a graduate of the NACDL’s National Criminal Defense College. Also, Andrew is the host of “Law and Society” a radio show on which he addresses current legal and social issues. Andrew is regarded as an outstanding public speaker who educates while he entertains. He currently resides in Carroll, Ohio with his wife and their two sons.

Contact Information:

Andrew H. Stevenson
301 East Main Street
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
(740) 653-0961

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