Chief Logan FFA Holds Banquet
Logan High School
Submitted by: Andrew Delong/Dani Bell

The Chief Logan FFA Chapter recently held their 84th Annual Banquet. The banquet began with opening ceremonies conducted by the 2017-2018 officers. Over 200 members and guest were in attendance. One tradition that remains solid is that the banquet is 100% student run.

Numerous awards were presented, including: Career Development Events, Leadership, and Scholarship recognitions. Greenhand and Chapter degree recipients were recognized as well as the 2018 Ohio FFA Degrees winners. The State degree recipients were; Jordon Carrell, Ryan Patton, Bethany Starlin, Emmalee Dicken, Abigail Downs, Abigail Maniskas, Cameron Jordan, and Caleb Conrad. Bethany Starlin, Ryan Patton and Abigail Downs were recognized for their SAE Proficiency projects. All placed first in the district, Starlin Placed 4th on the state level. She also placed third in state in Advanced Public Speaking.

It was a wonderful night of honoring the achievements of students from our chapter. Cole Stufflebeam placed first in Outdoor Power at state contest. Secretary, Dreena Wiseman, Treasurer, Lexis Fickel, and Reporter, Caitlyn Myers all received gold ratings for their officer books at the state level. Megan Danison, Caitlyn Myers, Grace Johnson and Rylei Burns received recognition for representing Chief Logan FFA in the Ohio FFA Band. The Star Greenhand award was presented to Heidi Jo McGrady. The Star Chapter Degree awards were presented to Caitlyn Myers and Justin Wilkins. The most Outstanding Junior Awards were presented to Bethany Starlin, Caleb Conrad, and Ryan Patton and the most Outstanding Senior awards were presented to Ashley Loy, Emily Rosser, and Cole Stufflebeam. The top Fruit Sales awards were presented to Allyson Mohler, Caleb Conrad and Ashley Loy. and the top Strawberry Sales awards were presented to Caleb Conrad, Emily Blackstone and Ashley Loy. The Honorary FFA Degree was presented to Samantha McGrady.

Several scholarships were also awarded as follows: FFA Alumni- Jordon Carrell, Larry Dicken Scholarship - Emily Rosser, Pennington Memorial Scholarship - Cameron Jordan, Pat Jones Memorial Scholarship - Cole Stufflebeam, Bensonhaver Memorial Scholarship- Samantha Flowers, Ed Hankison & Marilyn Reichley Scholarship-Ashley Loy and Kalklosch Memorial Scholarship - Abigail Maniskas.

The evening was concluded by the induction of the 2018-2019 Chief Logan FFA Officer Team. President- Bethany Starlin, Vice President- Abigail Downs, Secretary- Ryan Patton, Treasurer- Caleb Conrad, Reporter- Caitlyn Myers, Sentinel- Dreena Wiseman, Student Advisor- Justin Wilkins, and Historian- Lexis Fickel. Congratulations to everyone on their many accomplishments and well wishes for the new officers as they begin their 2018-2019 term.

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