Logan Chieftain Team Leadership Seminar
Logan High School
Submitted by: Theresa Schultheiss/Dani Bell

Logan Chieftain Team Leadership Seminar

Logan High School junior student athletes and varsity head coaches participated in a half day leadership seminar on Tuesday, May 22, at LHS. Billy Burke, LHS head football coach, facilitated both sessions, highlighting valuable concepts pertaining to leadership, which included the "8 common factors of a winning brain”, two types of leaders and how leadership breeds success.

Students participated in a team building activity to see which group could build the tallest balloon tower -with restrictions, such as not being able to talk or use their hands, while others wore blindfolds. This forced the groups to develop ways each could contribute to accomplish the overall task.

LHSD Activities Director, Theresa Schultheiss stated, “Collectively, our purpose and goal is to serve and support, so that we can assist students in developing the lifelong skills of teamwork, perseverance and commitment in a safe and enjoyable environment. We will continue to focus on leadership development as a whole with coaches and athletes. Thank you to Coach Burke for delivering an amazing seminar.”

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