Annual Logan-Hocking Elementary Chess Tournament
Hocking Hills Elem.
Submitted by: Mr. Rice

Union Furnace Elementary hosted this year’s Annual Logan Hocking Elementary Chess Tournament on Monday May 14th. Twenty students from four local Elementary schools and one alternate played four rounds of chess to determine this year’s top players. Braden Shriner from Central Elementary took home this year’s top prize finishing with a 4 points. Tied for second place with 3 points were William Hunt (Chieftain) Luke Abele, Junior Lee (Hocking Hills) Talen Alford (Central) and Christopher Frost (Union Furnace). Three players, Cameron Sohonage, Nikolas King (Chieftain) and Daniel Bauers (Union Furnace) took home third place with a 2.5 tally. Students can participate in their schools chess club and learn the different moves and strategies while also learning the oldest game in history and played by Kings through the ages. Introduced this year during the tournament was a mini Simal. Logan Middle School Sixth Grader Ashton Mason played all challengers (adults and students) in eight games and up to four opponents at one time on four different boards finishing undefeated. Ashton just competed in the National High School three day chess tournament held this year at the Columbus Convention Center. Finishing with a 5-2 record having played players from Texas to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio in the under 1200 section. Other students participating in the tournament were, Collin Comelious, William Hunt and Olivia Hunt (Chieftain), Jaden Miller, Dante Donofrio and Wyatt Rahm (Central), Cooper Johnson, Emerson Griffith and Kylie Cole (Hocking Hills) and Nathaniel Frost, Tryston Underwood, Cala Wilson and Cullen Wilson (Union Furnace). The Elementary chess clubs are a huge success thanks to all the dedicated volunteer advisors, Sharon Shaya (Hocking Hills), Don Miller and Riley Montgomery (Central), Brody Bauers (Union Furnace) and Jim Kalklosch (Chieftain). Call your Elementary School to get more information on joining your schools chess club next year.

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